Last Minute fun

A couple of weeks ago I need to get away from the same mundane things Orlando has to offer. So I threw it out to some friends and less than 24 hours we were in the car on our way to Blue Ridge Georgia! So here is day one. Ashley introduced me and Milena to this river side oasis minutes from her Dad's glorious cabin. Peace is made on those rocks, ideas are formed on those rocks and I will forever remember the feeling they gave me. Planted into riverbed standing strong against the current. Ahhh I loved it. 


Buildings and their personalities.

Everywhere you walk in New York has an interesting story. The structures towering over everyone have been there longer than most of us. I love their angles and cracks and colors.  

Jersey City Graffiti

I love art. In high school I took every art class they had to offer. I was never really good at it haha, but I have to say graffiti is one of my favorite forms of art. People posting their ideas on walls of building that also have their own story in a city with it's own history. It's just beautiful.  Beautiful things in unexpected places. LOVE!!!

New York People < 1

I ofcourse took so many damn photos in New York I am just going to break into 2 main groups, people & places. I think I will then have to then divide them into two subgroups, equaling 4 posts solely on New York. I am probably going to over share, but I really haven't gotten this social media thing down yet so, my apologies... or not sorry.  


New York is full of a crap ton of people, which can be overwhelming. However, it creates this environment where it's okay to take photos of strangers, or easier to get away with! People watching is something that I can do for hours. I am fascinated by every single one of you because no matter where we come from , or how we choose to show ourselves to the world. We are all human. I hope that we will start loving each other more for our obscurities, because when it comes down to it we are weird. And it's freaking amazing!

New York Pups

At the begining of June I set off to New York to watch lovely friends dogs, while they were out of town. I love these guys in all their quarks. One is a muppet, one is a deaf beefy king, and one has a hard time walking around ( he often looks like a drunk sailor). They all are just fur babies filled with love!!! I was able to explore the unfamiliar city as well, but first I want to share a couple of photos I got of the guys

Grizzly , Cash & Nahko

Girl Power

This young woman has the world at her feet and I don't think is even aware. She is a senior in high school, and just got accepted to Florida State University. What?! So amazing! She is an array of beauty wrapped into one. I hope she sees in herself, what we all do.  I am looking forward to watching her grow into an adult that gets the chance to change things she wants to change, and explore every little bit of what life has to offer.  Ah to be young again.  I tried to expose her sense of adventure, charisma and love for life... hope you all enjoy.


Seven Magic Mountains

Vegas is full of hookers ,gambling and booze, that's a given. But there is another side to her that I had the pleasure of seeing. Seven Magic Mountains!!! This is an art installation about 30 minutes south of Vegas in the middle of nowhere. The artist stacked very large boulders with his bare hands, just kidding obviously, then painted them with array of colors. It sounded average, like someone was bored and just decided to stacks some rocks in their free time, but when we got there is was quite magnificent! It showed me that if you have a vision and access to boulders you could accomplish anything plus It was much taller than I'd imagined, the colors still had their pop even after baking in the sun. It was a great end to a great day and I am so thankful Roxanne was there to share it with me!

xo jaime

Graffiti in Downtown Las Vegas

I am so happy that I was able to spend the last two weeks with my brother Chris and ring in the new year getting over a cold he gave me. I do enjoy Las Vegas, but I prefer to stay on the outskirts of the strip and check out local hangs and outdoor fun. I was doing some research and found out that Vegas has a pretty immense local art scene, including graffiti!!! So Roxanne and I went on adventure in search for the murals and I was elated with what I found! Graffiti is so beautiful to me it's someone's self expression right there for the world to see, in such a large space ahhh I love it! Hope you do to! And thank you Las Vegas artist for these beauties~


A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of taking photos for one of my best friends. Between her and her boyfriend they have 5 children... needless to say it was a challenge, but a memorable experience with friends and great kids. I am so excited to see who they grow up to be!!! I hope you enjoy.

Feldman Family

What can I say about the Feldmans that everybody doesn't already know. They have overcome a couple of tough years and yet you would never know it because they still keep a smile on their faces. I am happy to call them family and share some photos from their session last week. We made it through the cow turds and all... I hope you enjoy. 


Work Spaces

The last couple of weeks I had the opportunity to visit two places I once lived. I never thought that I would be back for work, it was a humbling experience to think how far I have come since I lived it both spaces. I am excited to see where work and life takes me from here on out.