New York People < 1

I ofcourse took so many damn photos in New York I am just going to break into 2 main groups, people & places. I think I will then have to then divide them into two subgroups, equaling 4 posts solely on New York. I am probably going to over share, but I really haven't gotten this social media thing down yet so, my apologies... or not sorry.  


New York is full of a crap ton of people, which can be overwhelming. However, it creates this environment where it's okay to take photos of strangers, or easier to get away with! People watching is something that I can do for hours. I am fascinated by every single one of you because no matter where we come from , or how we choose to show ourselves to the world. We are all human. I hope that we will start loving each other more for our obscurities, because when it comes down to it we are weird. And it's freaking amazing!