A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of taking photos for one of my best friends. Between her and her boyfriend they have 5 children... needless to say it was a challenge, but a memorable experience with friends and great kids. I am so excited to see who they grow up to be!!! I hope you enjoy.

Feldman Family

What can I say about the Feldmans that everybody doesn't already know. They have overcome a couple of tough years and yet you would never know it because they still keep a smile on their faces. I am happy to call them family and share some photos from their session last week. We made it through the cow turds and all... I hope you enjoy. 


Work Spaces

The last couple of weeks I had the opportunity to visit two places I once lived. I never thought that I would be back for work, it was a humbling experience to think how far I have come since I lived it both spaces. I am excited to see where work and life takes me from here on out.